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Jonah AndersonJonah Anderson

Life Coach and Entrepreneur

My life vision

In my life I wish to expand myself in success, abundance, happiness and love. I hope to help many others to do the same.

How I got into coaching

I was having some troubles with my businesses and as a believer in the law of attraction, I decided to look for a law of attraction coach. Then, I was curious if there were any law of attraction coaches who were also business coaches. Sure enough, I found the perfect coach for me. After several months of coaching I became much more effective in my businesses and a much better understanding myself and the law of attraction.

Now, over the years it became clear to me that the businesses I was currently involved in were not businesses that I had any passion for. I knew that someday I wanted to seek some kind of work that would help people to make positive lasting changes in their lives. It wasn’t until I hired a coach, and saw the benefits in my own life, that I knew how I wanted to help people.


I am currently enrolled in the Certified Coach Program at Coach Training Alliance. Over the years, I have read many books about: self-improvement, self development, spirituality,  psychology, law of attraction, business & coaching

Work/business background

I worked for about 15 years in the printing industry, mainly operating large printing presses. This was not my life purpose. I have been an entrepreneur for the past 7 years. My businesses have included: rental properties, vacation rental property, eBay consignment service, a packing shipping and mailbox rental store.  I still run all of these businesses to this day.

Personal Background

I was born on May 7, 1975 in Alpine Utah.

My personality

I am honest when I speak and I choose my words carefully. I am ambitious, but not a workaholic and enjoy connecting with people on a deep level. I am a natural problem solver and enjoy helping people.  I consider myself a spiritual person and I am always working to improve myself.

I love a good laugh.

Personal philosophy/beliefs

I believe that life is a precious gift, and that we are meant to enjoy it fully. We are meant to do the things we want and have the things we want. The universe supports us and responds to us. But it is our responsibility to decide what we want and to align ourselves to what we want with our thoughts and actions. The universe handles the rest.  Unfortunately if we are not in alignment with the things that we want, we may bring things into our life that we don’t want. As my favorite author, Mike Dooley says: “Thoughts become things”. This is the law of attraction.

I believe that everything is perfect in this world–just as it should be.  There is no right or wrong. And everything has a divine purpose.

My Passions

I also wish to travel around the world with my wife. To experience living in many different cultures and learning about the people their traditions. To see all of the beautiful places that the planet has to offer. While traveling, I also want to help the people of the world who are suffering from poverty, disease and famine.


I am currently married to Carmen (a native of Peru) and have an 11-year-old son named Alex. My parents and brother and sisters all live near me.

Hobbies and interests

Sailing, spending time in nature, traveling, skiing, business, coaching


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